RamonPang is a left-field trap producer exploring genres in Los Angeles. His experimentation with sound began in 2016, when he fell in love with the trap genre and its simplicity, proceeding to sequence his own beats in Ableton. After playing Brownies and Lemonade’s Riverside B&L End of the School Year Party in 2017, RamonPang began creating his own fusion of idyllic sampling melded together with hard trap beats for a glimmering, introspective new take on the genre. His Cascades EP is a dive into this enchanted world of experimental sounds, pairing delicate harps and kalimbas with rattling, emotive rhythms. When it comes to samples, RamonPang is unafraid to manipulate and chop up a wide variety of sounds. Speaking about his approach to sampling, he says, “Anything on my computer is fair game. The context doesn’t matter--what matters is how I respond emotionally to each sound.”

His creative risk-taking paid off as he caught the attention of Baauer, winning his Twitch-streamed beat battle judged by Mura Masa and coming in second place in the beat battle judged by Four Tet. RamonPang has also received the support of Djemba Djemba, Floating Points, and Hex Cougar. 

RamonPang’s artistic vision extends to his artwork as well. At 14, RamonPang discovered graphic design, and found that his artistic style and production process shared many similarities. His digital art is explosive, abstract and delicate at once, reflecting the unique complexity of his music. RamonPang designs the cover art for all of his own releases. He sometimes designs the cover art before creating the song it will represent, indicating how synonymous his creative processes are with one another. 

Live at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, CA
Live at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles, CA
Live at Brownies & Lemonade 2017