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RamonPang, image by Cerdinsounds

Photo by Cerdinsound (2022) 

Photo by Sirasounds (2017)

Your favorite experimental goofball DJ from Los Angeles

"Okay, I love Four Tet. Best DJ and producer of all time. My biggest inspiration. Do you really need a quote from me on the website? Everyone's gonna think I wrote it myself. Think of the optics."

 - RamonPang

RamonPang is a left-field dance producer exploring genres in Los Angeles. Immigrating to L.A. from the Philippines at a young age, self-proclaimed lover and documentarian of all things trap music and 90s intelligent dance music - his creative risk-taking paid off as he caught the attention of Baauer, winning his Twitch-streamed beat battle judged by artists like A-Trak and Mura Masa in 2021. In 2022, his music would go on to be supported by electronic titan Four Tet on the BBC Essential Mix of the Year (as "KH").

RamonPang currently co-heads Tabula Rasa Records, with Jozef White and Asterisk Youth, helping release music from artists like Kelbin, Kinoteki, ROBY and more.

In 2022, Ramon released his second studio album "Third Places", an autobiographical album based on music created and conceptualized in places between work and home. Fusing dreamy UK garage, electronic trap, IDM and ambient music to streamlined effect, it released to critical acclaim, with features and support from Forbes, Bandcamp, Dummy Mag and MP3 Mag. His release party for the album at Songbird Cafe in Chinatown LA would sell go on to sell out, featuring artists like Gaszia, REPRIISE, HMMY, Niishi, Jozef White and Moemu.

His experimentation with sound began in 2016, when he fell in love with the trap genre and its simplicity, proceeding to sequence his own beats in Ableton. After playing Brownies and Lemonade’s Riverside B&L End of the School Year Party in 2017, RamonPang began creating his own fusion of idyllic sampling melded together with hard trap beats for a glimmering, introspective new take on the genre. When it comes to samples, RamonPang is unafraid to manipulate and chop up a wide variety of sounds. Speaking about his approach to sampling, he says, “Anything on my computer is fair game. The context doesn’t matter--what matters is how I respond emotionally to each sound.”


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